Dimensions of Wellness

To have a better life satisfaction we need to realize what are the components that we should focus on to emerge into a person that we want to become. Therefore, in the next text, you will be able to differentiate between dimensions of wellness and to understand their purpose. You will know what wellness is, its dimensions, and how to improve in each dimension. The information provided in this blog will help you to live a life with more understanding and control over it.

Many people when they hear the word wellness they associate it with only physical health. But wellness is much more. Wellness “is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit” (Stoewen, 2017). It can help you to become the best version of yourself, by realizing where do you need or want improvement.

Wellness consists of 8 dimensions: environmental, financial, spiritual, vocational, emotional, social, physical, and mental. These dimensions are interconnected and hence are affecting one another and our goal is to maintain our own personal balance. Since every human is unique, every person has their own values and goals.

  1. Environmental Dimension
  • Refers to being in a surrounding where you can feel safe, have pleasant environments, where you have the support and positive people around you.
    • Ways to improve your surroundings: being aware of planet earth and doing our part with recycling, investing in the community, creating a garden or culture good, talking about safety policies in community, having people who live there connected and engaged…

2. Financial Dimension

  • Refers to your habits and knowledge about finance, more so of managing your money well and being satisfied with its current and future state. Money plays an important role in our life, but being able to have future financial plans, may reduce the stress around it.
    • Ways to improve finances: try to save some money by having a savings account, try to write down weekly or monthly goals for spending, try to create emergencies fond, to minimize spending you can shop at low-cost shops and prepare meals at home instead of eating out, do garage sales…

3. Spiritual Dimension

  • Refers to your connection to yourself, your beliefs, attitudes, and values. It is also connected to self-awareness and mindfulness. It improves by finding meaning and purpose in life.
    • Ways to improve spirituality: volunteer, meditate, do self-reflection exercises, be in nature, do what aligns with your values…

4. Vocational Dimension

  • Refers to and in other words occupational dimensions (career), which means to show how satisfied we are with our work/school/ volunteering. If our work is challenging us to be better, it is enriching our experience.
    • Ways to improve your career: doing something you enjoy and love, something you are skilled for, finding an appropriate salary…

5. Emotional Dimension

  • Refers to being able to control our emotions and to cope effectively with what is happening in our life. Having the ability to express feelings that are occurring and being able to reduce stress, relax, and have good self-care routines.
    • Ways to improve emotional dimension: do things that make you feel good from the inside and that you enjoy, learn to speak about your problems, respect feelings of both yourself and others…

6. Social Dimension

  • Refers to having people that are trustworthy, reliable, and supportive. It develops if we have a feeling of belonging and develop healthy friendships.
    • Ways to improve social life: be open to new people and experiences, join an organization or club that interests you, stay in touch with people you care about…

7. Physical Dimension

  • Refers to our routines connected to taking care of our body. Such as: getting enough and quality sleep, eating healthy and food that is good for us, exercising regularly. 
    • Ways to improve physical state: understand your body type, make schedules for exercise, make sure to sleep enough, eat more od non-processed food, fruits and vegetables, go for walks…

8. Mental Dimension

  • Refers to and in other words intellectual dimension, meaning that we seek to find ways to expand our skills and knowledge. 
    • Ways to improve mental dimension: read more, talk to people who inspire you, keep working on your development, accept challenges…

The focus for everyone is not going to be the same. Maybe someone is really invested in their job but wants to improve in the physical dimension, so they may add two practices a week of 45 minutes, and they will be satisfied with that single decision. On the other side let’s say that a person really values their environment more over their financial situation, so they may choose to move even though they do not have money to live comfortably, but they would much rather be safe and in a positive environment then have a lot of money. In these examples, you can see how it all depends on a person and their internal values and desires. As Stoewen (2017) says “personal harmony” is the goal that we are trying to achieve by aligning our desires and being able to live a life that we design for ourselves.

Another thing that is very important is that since these dimensions are interconnected. If you are doing worse then expected in a dimension of high value to you it can decrease your effectiveness in other dimensions as well. Let’s say for example that you had a fight with your best friend and now you may be affected on the workplace and can not perform you best because of the situation that occured.

Understanding these dimensions and their interconection can help you be more stable and have a balanced life.


Stoewen DL. Dimensions of wellness: Change your habits, change your life. Can Vet J. 2017;58(8):861-862.

Roddick L. The 8 Dimensions of Wellness: Where do you fit it? 2016

” If you have a goal, be relentless in your pursuit”.

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