Hello, dear fellow traveler! I am Marija, currently an international student. Due to my travels I have developed an obsession with travelling, and decided to share my journes and tips. This blog will help you explore magnificent destinations and maybe even plan your next trip!

CEO Marija Borčić

Our mission:

Atypical Voyager is dedicated to providing helpful information for anyone interested in travelling and ready to explore! We are considerate and acceptive of everyone and are celebrating uniqueness. We believe in personal growth and are dedicated to providing you with resource to reach your full potential, and that can happen with travel!


  • We do not provide Travel arrangements, however we are here to give you suggestions for incredible destinations!
  • We encourage everyone to get engaged, but understand that this is a safe and positive platform so write respectfully. Do not demean nor use hate speech, it mat result at your comment being deleted from our page!
  • All content publsihed on the Atypical Voyager page is for Educational and General Information purposes!
  • Atypical Voyager is doing its best to stay up to date with newest trends and findings and keep all content reliable and audience appropriate. Atypical Voyager will not accept liability for the inacccurate, incomplete or false information presented on the blog!
  • All member of our community are using the material at their own risk!
  • Thank you to all of you for following, sharing and joining the community of the people who are travel enthusiasts!
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